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In summer, amusement parks are top-rated, so water rides, roller coasters, and family picnics can be carried out, especially for couples and families with children! So, do you know which country the oldest amusement park in the world is? Bakken amusement park holds the world record of being “the oldest amusement park in the world.” It is located in the autonomous city of Lingbi Toback, Denmark. Dyrehavsbakken, built in 1583, is now 437 years old, 10 kilometers north of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It is one of Denmark’s most popular tourist attractions, and its primary selling point is amusement facilities.

The oldest amusement park in the world

Dyrehavsbakken, also known as “Bakken,” is the oldest amusement park in the world. The park is located in klampenborg, Ghent, Denmark, about 6.2 miles north of Copenhagen. Opened in 1583 (436 years ago), the park is the second most popular in Denmark, with an annual number of tourists ranging from 25000 to 2.7 million. Unlike other parks, although the scenic spots in the park need money, admission to the park is free. The park covers an area of about 75000 meters and has 33 scenic spots. From the end of August to the end, Bakken is open every day.

The history of Bakken amusement park began when a man named Kirsten pill found a natural spring not far from Copenhagen today. Compared with other places at that time, the feeling of spring attracted people because the water quality there was excellent. Most people believe water is refreshing, which is why the pill’s discovery is so popular. Many people eventually attracted vendors and artists, which laid the foundation for today’s Park. Over the years, entertainment choices have been steadily increasing and getting better. For example, in 1866, when automatic rides and other things appeared in the 20th century, cabaret joined in.

Bakken amusement park is open from mid-March to the end of August every year. In particular, the annual opening and closing ceremony will hold a Harley car conference, and Harley cars from all over Denmark will come here – – you can see all kinds of Harley costumes and stunts on that day. The scene is so crazy and grand that you can’t imagine it!

Recreation Facilities

The park facilities and forest landscape are integrated into one, and the design is friendly and natural, full of ingenuity! It’s not like query, where tourists only need to pay for the amusement facilities they want to play, so many Danes still like to run here.

Although amusement facilities are one of the most popular attractions, the park has various options. Bakken has six roller coasters, of which the most popular is Rutschebanen, which means “roller coaster.” “Rutschebanen is a wooden roller coaster that has been operating since 1932.


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