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This new series has a 3D pinball game. The hand-made wooden game is designed to reappear the classical Windows game which is really thrilling.

ROKR NEW series Mechanical Age is coming. The designers combine the steampunk style with the real beetles in nature to create a combat mecha with a strong sense of mechanical beauty.

This series includes musical instruments and engineering vehicles. The recommended age is over 8 years old, which is very suitable for cultivating parent-child fun.

This series has various wooden puzzles, such as gramophone, owl clock, projector, or vehicle models suitable for home decoration. They are challenges for ages 14+, which opens a new world of creativity,knowledge and pleasure!

In this series, each model has an eye-catching outlook, including cool robots, romantic carousels, ancient classic Victorian lanterns, etc. Also, they are all music boxes that can twist the spring to play beautiful music. 

This series includes weapons from the Middle Ages and astronomical models, etc. If you want to know more about geography or history, don’t miss them.

ROKR is a brand of original design transmission model in China. We adhere to the concept of “To assemble, to explore,” which is committed to creating DIY assembly models with mechanical and punk styles. Now, we have five product lines: machinery, life, fun, developing, and IP collaboration. Express creativity with precise structures and explain the geek spirit with hardcore shapes to provide global players with more innovative new products.

Meanwhile, Rokr always keeps in mind that “Quality is the priority”. With excellent Research&Development team, more and more awesome designs are born. Those products are quite popular all over the world. Also, we offer the opportunity to customize the projects as you like.

So, come on to join our Rokr family!! Let’s make something amazing together!

We provide wood panel processing, wooden assembling toys manufacturing, wooden crafts processing, etc.

It includes textile processing, garment production and garment customization.

It includes injection molding products processing, plastic figure manufacturing, and plastic product customization.

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