To assemble! To explore!

No Glue to Connect

Assembled with tenon and mortise of Chinese classical technology, all wooden parts can be firmly connected without glue.

Professional R&D Teams

With exclusive advanced technology and our own strong supply chain,they are devoted to providing Top handmade works of Art.

DIY Handcrafts

Improve hands-on ability and cultivate patience. Cooperating assembly can improve the relationship with family or friends.


Steel balls collide with inspiration!   

Listen to beautiful tunes.    

Run For you!

To be a soldier!  

Walking,biting and roaring

Gear Drive

Explore universal hidden mysteries   

Enjoy the Punk Life!

Classic feel of the wild westerns.

 Feel the beauty of machinery and time

Puzzles for Home Decoration

Classic never goes out of style.

Puzzles for Vehicle Lovers

Here are vehicles from the past.

Puzzles for Knowledge

Know everything in heaven abouve and the earth underneath;

Provide you with intimate service

Wood Manufacturing

We provide wood panel processing, wooden assembling toys manufacturing, wooden crafts processing, etc.

Textile Manufacturing

It includes textile processing, garment production and garment customization.

Plastics Manufacturing

It includes injection molding products processing, plastic figure manufacturing, and plastic product customization.

Can’t wait to make your own movie? Here is a brief instruction of how to DIY a simple film.

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