Viking Dragon Ship: The Glory Expedition on the Sea

Viking Ships were built by the Scandinavians during the Viking Age. As the most important means of transport, Viking people used them for navigation, trade and warfare. The clever design and advanced craft of this kind of ship made Viking people become the lord of oceans for many years.

Intricate artistic design

The Vikings’ ships were considered as one of the greatest technical and artistic achievements at that time. Without these great ships, the Viking Age would never have happened.

Viking ships are long ships. In order to ensure safety and quality, the ship has a sturdy keel made of a whole log. Besides, all parts of the entire ship are connected together with a unique technique called clinker. The ship not only has unique shape but boasts practical functions. It is very fast and flexible and can sail in shallow water, helping them exploring rivers as well as seas. With this kind of ship, Vikings could gain an advantage in a surprise attack and quickly get away when being chased by the enemies.

Mysterious and iconic dragon head

The Viking ship has a distinguish feature, the dragon head. It is so famous that there are many theories about the mysterious dragon head on the ship. One is that Vikings believed that having a dragon head on their ship would make them more powerful and feared by their enemies because dragons were always considered as powerful and fierce creatures. Besides, the dragon head may have supernatural power. Vikings thought dragons could protect them from evil spirits and monsters during the dangerous voyage.

No matter what it is, the dragon head had become a famous symbol for Viking ships and made them looking more powerful and fierce, helping them to win many battles.

Innovative development and profound impact of Viking ships

In the 9th century, the Viking people created their glory history with excellent seamanship and advanced shipbuilding craft. They boosted the prosperity of the Viking Age in Norway and had a profound impact on the development of maritime trade.

With excellent craft, Viking people created the dragon ship, the main transport means for expedition and trade. The innovative shipbuilding technique allowed the Vikings to build ships that were highly adapted to the marine environment, making navigation safer and more efficient and having a profound impact on woodworking skills. Meanwhile, frequent voyages promoted early marine trade.

Exquisite scale model

This is a new released assembly model of Rokr, Viking Dragon Ship LK802, inspired by the ancient Viking ships. The model replicates a featured shape of the original and adds a dragon spine with lights, showing the mystery of this ancient ship. Besides, the oars on both sides can move regularly after connecting to the power.

Although the Viking people has a bad reputation as brutal and cruel robbers, they are great sailors, craftsmen and brave explorers and their innovative development of shipbuilding has a positive and profound meaning with no doubt. Now, you can explore this famous dragon ship and imagine sailing on the vast sea with our Viking Dragon Ship!

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