ROKR Viking Dragon Ship LK802

Items Included: Plywood

Number of Pieces: 229

Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆☆

Assembly Time: About 4h

Age: 14+

Package Size: 470*307*55mm

Assembly Size: 465*460*367mm

ANCIENT EUROPEAN SHIP – This intricate ship comes with movable oars and luminous spine, powered on with a USB cable.


Viking Dragon Ship

Once upon a time, in the misty fjords of ancient Scandinavia, a majestic Viking dragon ship sailed proudly across the icy waters. With its fearsome prow and billowing sails, it struck awe into the hearts of all who beheld it. Led by brave warriors, it ventured into distant lands, seeking adventure and glory, leaving tales of its daring exploits echoing through the ages.

Operating Instruction


Take out parts from the package.


Assemble the majestic dragon ship as per the manual.


Power on the model. The 12 oars move in a rotary motion and the spine emits yellow light.

Product Details

Luminous spine

Made of PS material which has high transmittance of light.

Defensive round shield

Protect the sailors during the seafaring adventures.

Crank drive mechanism

Realize the rotary motion of the oars.

Rotating sun-shaped flywheel

Driven by gear transmission once the model is powered on.

Rotatable dragon head

Manually pull it to rotate.

Metal glitter & ink

Show vivid colors and subtle shine.

Brief History of Vikings

The Vikings, hailing from the Scandinavian regions of present-day Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, were a seafaring people whose impact rippled across Europe from the late 8th to the early 11th centuries.

Renowned for their adventurous spirit, they navigated vast distances in their iconic long ships, raiding, trading, and exploring far-off lands. Fierce warriors and skilled craftsmen, they left a lasting legacy in their sagas, art, and seafaring prowess. Their culture was rich with Norse mythology, gods like Odin and Thor, and a deep reverence for the sea and the elements.

Raw Materials & Technology

  • ROKR R & D team preferred customized parts for better durability.
  • Hundreds of suppliers from all over the world provide adaptive parts for a series of products, which are deeply customized to meet the design functions.
  • High precision steady-state laser cutting is adopted, and the process error is controlled within 5um, which is equivalent to 1 / 20 hair diameter.
  • Guarantee that all parts can fully fit and assemble, and each bayonet fits tightly.
  • We choose basswood from the high latitude of the northern cold zone, which is strong and durable.
  • The wood grain is fine and uniform, showing silk luster, layered, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easy to crack.

Interactive Wooden Puzzle

The oars of this ship model can move once the model is powered on, simulating the motion of a real ship. You can explore the marvel of the historic ship with this replication. 

Exercise your Brain

As assembling small parts of the tram requires precise hand-eye coordination and manipulation of objects, this classic tram must be a good choice to boost the brain. It helps develop fine motor skills, which are essential for activities like writing and drawing.

Step-by-step instructions

There are clear and understandable illustrations and texts in the manual. Take out the corresponding numbered pieces and assemble them as per the manual. In addition, we also have a detailed assembly video posted on the official YouTube account.

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