ROKR Classic Gramophone (Hand rotate mode) LKB01

Items Included: Wooden pieces, 7-inch record, Three-phase brushless motor, etc.

Number of Pieces: 424

Difficulty Level: ★★★★★★

Assembly Time: About 10h

Age: 14+

Package Size: 317*235*83mm

Assembly Size: 226*261*429mm

3D WOODEN PUZZLE – ROKR gramophone is a 1:1 replica of classic 19th-century recording equipment, featuring unique horn speakers and rotating recording discs. After assembly, it can be a perfect antique display on your table. It supports playing a 7-inch real vinyl record by 424 pcs.
RECORDED MUSICS – Three Timeless Hits: Memory Of A Dance, The Merry Gent, The Giant Killers


ROKR Gramophone Story

In 1877, the world’s first gramophone was born, known as one of the three most exciting inventions of the 19th century. Its appearance detonated the climax of the electrical revolution and pointed out the way for human civilization to embark on the era of sound and painting and even the information age.

After 143 years, ROKR joined hands with the record. Engraved the classic mechanical structure as an explorer, combined with the traditional mortise and tenon technology, revived the classic automatic phonograph with a new attitude, and continued to write the gorgeous chapter of the electrical age again.

It is a complete gramophone with each part assembled by yourself. Most importantly, there is no need to plug in the battery or power supply after the assembly. It can play vinyl records by driving the internal mechanical transmission by hand. It’s fantastic to be able to listen to songs!

Such a complex mechanical structure is entirely assembled of wood pieces and can ensure each function’s realization. It is hard to imagine how complicated its development process is.

Operating Instructions


  • Open the package and take out the wooden parts, instructions and other accessories in turn.
  • Before assembly, please read the notice of the instruction firstly.


  • Pick out the wooden pieces as steps shown.
  • Pre-cut wooden board will be easy to pop the individual pieces out of the sheets.


  • Complete your own globe! Bring you closer to the world! Let’s set forth on a voyage of discovery!!


  • Put the record on this gramophone and enjoy musics just belonging to you!

Product Details

Three-phase Brushless Motor

Necessary electric energy is provided for the phonograph through hand-cranked power generation.

Volume Control & USB Interface

The knob aims to control the volume level. The USB interface is designed to make the hand-cranking process more labor-saving.

Durable Ruby Stylus

Selection of piezoelectric crystal type ruby stylus, more delicate and wear-resistant, carefully protect the record safety.

Raw Materials & Technology

  • ROKR R & D team preferred customized parts for better durability.
  • Hundreds of suppliers from all over the world provide adaptive parts for a series of products, which are deeply customized to meet the design functions.
  • High precision steady-state laser cutting is adopted, and the process error is controlled within 5um, which is equivalent to 1 / 20 hair diameter.
  • Guarantee that all parts can fully fit and assemble, and each bayonet fits tightly.
  • We choose basswood from the high latitude of the northern cold zone, which is strong and durable.
  • The wood grain is fine and uniform, showing silk luster, layered, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easy to crack.

 Mechanical & Retro Gramophone Soothe Your Heart

  What is unknown is that most classical gramophone is manual. To revive the classics, we adopted a similar structure. Through the internal complex gear structure, the gramophone can play without a battery, making people feel the unique experience of playing in person.
It supports 7-inch and 10-inch records. Manually control the volume through the knob. We also made a micro USB port, which can connect to an external power supply to reduce the intensity of the hand crank.
Follow the English instructions step by step. It takes about 8 hours to complete.

Indicating Luxury, Elegant and Nobility

The 3D wooden puzzle has decorative designs that look captivating in the finished product.It is a challenge for both eyes and hands,and also a perfect display for stylish collections!

It comes with a vinyl record containing 3 musics: Memory Of A Dance, The Merry Gent, The Giant Killers.

And It also can support other 7-inch and 10-inch records.You can prepare any record suitable for these sizes for it.

Artistic Beauty of the 19th Century

With the exquisite look, people will fall in love with this gramophone immediately. The smooth lines and elegant shape of the whole body meet your classical furniture, great ideal retro decoration for home and office.

The classical phonograph shape, coupled with the retro log color, even as a furniture decoration, also shows elegance and style.

Originality process

The assembly adopts the traditional mortise and tenon technology, which is closely engaged and matched. Each piece of part needs to be assembled by players and combined into functional regions.

These functional parts are combined into a phonograph model that can play records. While enjoying the ultimate assembly fun and great sense of achievement, players can also understand the corresponding phonograph principle and knowledge.

Full of sense of achievement

This product assembly is a little complicated, but the difficulty is mainly reflected in the complex structure and many parts. Most people can complete the operation step by step according to the instructions.

Small pieces of wood are combined and formed in their own hands and slowly combined into a complete gramophone shape. Finally, put on the record and play a track by hand. This sense of achievement after assembly is beyond words.

Multifarious technology with unique design

This is an assembled toy and a gramophone model that can play records without batteries. The product reproduces the most classic pure mechanical gramophone structure of the last century, skillfully uses the transmission between gears and matches a series of speed control, power generation, and noise reduction in various parts to achieve the playback function of the real gramophone.

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