ROKR Mechanical Orrery ST001

Items Included: Wooden Pieces

Number of Pieces: 316

Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆☆

Assembly Time: About 7h

Age: 14+

Assembly Size: 400*400*350mm

Package Size: 470*307*68.5mm

EIGHT PLANETS – The eight planets adopt color slurry rolling technology to help players distinguish different planets in color and improve visual beauty. The retro style is very suitable as a home decoration and the finishing touch of a better life.


ROKR Mechanical Orrery Story

Human beings never stop thinking and exploring, and life is no longer limited.

After the German philosopher Kant put forward the nebula hypothesis of the solar system’s origin in 1755, countless great scholars successively discovered and improved the solar system model closely related to human beings.
ROKR drew inspiration from it. We build this vast and mysterious starry sky into an assembly model of the solar system composed of multi-stage variable speed gears, simulate the planetary trajectory of the solar system, and celebrate every exploration.
ROKR simulates the solar system trajectory with a mechanical structure and a built-in three-phase brushless motor to light the solar system by hand. Above nine planetary orbits with different speeds, eight planets are made by color slurry rolling technology, moving with multi-speed gears circularly.

Operating Instruction


  • Exquisite Package.
  • Pre-cut Wood Sheets.
  • Accessory Tools.
  • English Instruction Book.

STEP 1 Crank the Handle

We need to turn the handle according to the direction of the arrow.

STEP 2 Light Up the Sun

Rotate the handle to light up the sun in the center.

STEP 3 Eight Planets Rotated

Eight planets also revolve around the sun. (This position is not based on the actual scale.)

Product Details

Eight Planets

Gear Transmission

Rotatable Handle

Raw Materials & Technology

  • ROKR R & D team preferred customized parts for better durability.
  • Hundreds of suppliers from all over the world provide adaptive parts for a series of products, which are deeply customized to meet the design functions.
  • High precision steady-state laser cutting is adopted, and the process error is controlled within 5um, which is equivalent to 1 / 20 hair diameter.
  • Guarantee that all parts can fully fit and assemble, and each bayonet fits tightly.
  • We choose basswood from the high latitude of the northern cold zone, which is strong and durable.
  • The wood grain is fine and uniform, showing silk luster, layered, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easy to crack.

Various colors of slurry rolling process

The eight planets are colored by the slurry rolling process, which makes the local space more exquisite, and distinguishes different worlds in color.
On the colored planet sphere, players can draw corresponding patterns according to the actual planet to increase interaction.

Movable Eight Planets

Eight planets, integrated gear transmission, mechanical simulation of planetary trajectory. Rotating the rocker and multi-layer gear transmission drive the whole satellite orbit to run smoothly and intuitively, showing the mechanical charm.
Multistage variable speed gear set and single star disk double running gear structure ensure the planet runs while reducing the friction caused by star disk superposition, and the rocker process is smoother.
Nine different speed orbits allow the eight planets to be arranged around the sun in their respective orbits according to varying positions of celestial bodies to feel the motion law of heavenly bodies truly.

Vintage Display with Exquisite Details

The retro Temple of heaven base is surrounded by elastic wire plates, which gives quaint beauty based on supporting the model.
Rotating the sun wheel ornament can achieve the effect of sunflower rotation by turning the main base’s pinion and increasing the product’s interest.
After assembly, it can be used as home decoration and as an enlightenment tool for popularizing astronomical science, which can teach fun. We also have a detailed assembly video posted on the official YouTube account.

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