11 Awesome Gifts for Nature Lovers

Nature, with its serene beauty and countless wonders, has an undeniable impact on our well-being. For nature lovers, the benefits are not just aesthetic but extend to mental and emotional well-being. The following 11 3D assembly puzzles from ROKR are awesome gifts for nature lovers, bringing the essence of the outdoors into the comfort of homes.

Mechanical Age

Delve into the fascinating world of insects with our meticulously crafted insect models. This series features four insect models, including MI01 Rhinoceros BeetleMI02 Scout BeetleMI03 Storm Beetle, and MI04 Emperor Scorpion.

This series is suitable for anyone aged 8 and up. They are durable with ABS and PVC materials. What’s more, their wings flap and claws rotate once you touch the switch on the base.

Nature lovers are drawn to the intricate beauty of these creatures, and our models provide a captivating glimpse into their world. Beyond mere fascination, these insect models offer educational benefits, allowing enthusiasts to explore and understand the basic structures of various insects.

Wooden Bloom Craft

Bring the beauty of blooming flowers indoors with our stunning wooden flower models. You can enjoy flower arrangements with these pre-coloured stunning blooms, including TW011 SunflowerTW021 LilacTW031 Red CamelliaTW041 Pink Rose, and TW01H Wooden Flower Bouquet.

Each of them has an adjustable stem and rotatable flower, which can fit different sizes of vases. They are also easy to assemble and suitable for people aged 8 and up. 

These intricately designed pieces serve a dual purpose – not only do they make for exquisite home decor, but they also carry meaningful flower language. Each flower model tells a unique story, allowing you to express sentiments through the language of flowers. Whether it’s a symbol of love, friendship, or gratitude, these models add a touch of nature’s charm to any space.


In conclusion, our 3D assembly toys offer more than just entertainment; they provide a connection to the natural world. From exploring the intricacies of insects to embracing the poetic language of flowers, these gifts cater to the diverse interests of nature lovers. So, bring the outdoors inside and let the wonders of nature unfold within the comfort of your home.

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