Series Introduction

In the Mechanical music box series, as you can see, each model has an eye-catching outlook, including cool robots, romantic carousels, ancient classic Victorian lanterns, etc. Also, they are all music boxes that can twist the spring to play beautiful music. Five new music boxes from AMK41 to AMK62 are all based on the theme of love, which presents five scenes from the boy and girl’s acquaintance to know, miss, and love each other. The precise mechanical structure uses the movement’s transmission to incredibly express romantic feelings. Different music boxes play different music with different rotation modes to bring you different surprises. Come and experience the wonderful feeling of music and machinery collision!

Orpheus AM601

Air-Control Tower AMK41 

Starry Night AMK51 

Victorian Lantern AMK61

Romantic Carousel AMK62

Romantic Carousel Dream Version AMK62J 

Secret Garden AMK52

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