Dazzling Carnival - Come for the rides! Stay for the memories.

ROKR combines creativity and classics to create a series of amazing amusement parks with a very retro aesthetic feeling. In this series, there are 4 products. It is based on the transmission model and refers to the classic playing methods in the amusement park. It moves the space shuttle, rotary flying chair, and other buildings to the desktop. In the flowing running lights and accompanied by sweet notes, each model can run automatically and enjoy the carnival.

Mechanical Music Box - Listen to beautiful tunes

In the Mechanical music box series, each model has an eye-catching outlook, including cool robots, romantic carousels, ancient classic Victorian lanterns, etc. Also, they are all music boxes that can twist the spring to play beautiful music.  Different music boxes play different music with different rotation modes to bring you different surprises. Come and experience the wonderful feeling of music and machinery collision!
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