Time Art - Feel the beauty of machinery and time

Miko, a famous European designer, creates this series of products to create the beauty of combining machinery and time. Turn invisible things into real artworks that can be transmitted to you. As long as you rotate the corresponding mechanical structure, the product will tell you the exact time and date. They are clocks and calendars that can be practically used in real life.

Mechanical Gears - Feel the beauty of machinery and time

Mechanical Gears series, with intricate designs,stylish and high quality plywood,are run by wing or motor. This series has various wooden puzzles, such as gramophone, owl clock, projector, or vehicle models suitable for home decoration. What is particularly powerful is that every finished product is not just a model; they can "move" under the amazing principle!It is a challenge for ages 14+, which opens a new world of creativity,knowledge and pleasure !



Marble Run - Steel balls collide with inspiration

Marble Run series currently includes the following six products, each of which is equipped with several small steel balls. Players can make the steel balls run on the track by turning the handle. This product series is all gear driven with the most widely used mechanical rotation mode. They are creative 3D wooden puzzles designed both for adults and teenagers. We select the primary design which can best embody the beauty of machines. We believe it is the coolest decoration in your study and hope it could inspire you while balls are rolling.

Scale Model Vehicles - Running for you

The ROKR MC series is inspired by the evolution of the vehicle from the 19th century, including four typical vehicle models. They are designed with exquisite details into mini-scale models, at the same time, retain the complicated structures of the original. From steaming railways to wild highway racing, let MC models lead you to experience the epic history of vehicle advancement.
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